CBCT Scans and Digital X-rays

Dental CAT Scans is a very advanced dental x-ray that shows Dr. Horton an area of the head and neck area in 3 dimensions.  A more proper name is Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT scan).  The “cone beam” in the word is the technology that brought the CAT scan to dentistry.  This technology is used to analyze a person’s health or disease of their teeth, supporting bones, joints and implants all while maintaining a low radiation dose that is much lower than a medical grade CT scan.  This technology is extremely helpful when placing and planning for the placement of dental implants.  It allows Dr. Horton to see how much bone volume is available and the location of vital structures such as the sinuses and nerves prior to surgery.  This provides an environment for optimum safety when performing implant procedures.

Digital X-rays allow images to be displayed almost instantly on a computer screen and offers features that enhance the viewing of any problem areas for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning.  Digital x-rays use lowest levels of radiation of any x-ray on the market and are very safe.  Protective lead aprons are always used to cover various body parts such as the abdominal area or the thyroid gland.


dental implant cbct scans and digital x-rays